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Hello and welcome to Qrhinestones.com! where Q stands for QUALITY! 
We hope your search for quality rhinestones stops at qrhinestones.com.

Qrhinestones was established with a thought to provide quality rhinestones at an economic price, making bling decoration a more affordable hobby to everyone.

All Qrhinestones' products are carefully chosen and inspected. We are super passionate on what we are doing, and are very strict on the products the shop are selling. So, at Qrhinestones, We only sell HIGH QUALITY rhinestones which are made of CRYSTAL (glass), We do not sell resin rhinestones or plastic rhinestones. Thus, as a customer, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best quality rhinestones for the price you paid for.

Excellent customer service and communications is also something which you can expect from us. We always try to reply all the questions as soon as possible. All types of questions are welcomed, they will be answered within the next 24 hours.

Qrhinestones has been in business over 6 years, and we have sold to an international customer base of over 5,000.  37% of them have become a returned customers, which includes businesses running crystallizing service, small business owner, handmade designers, crafting enthusiasts, and more.

Thank you to my wonderful customers and I hope all of you have enjoyed shopping at my store.

Our Store: https://www.qrhinestones.com

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