Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Flat Back Rhinestones and Hotfix Rhinestones?

(1) Flat Back Rhinestones
Flat back rhinestones are rhinestones with a flat back on the stones. The back is usually matt silver foiled. They do not carry any glue on the back and requires additional adhesives in order to stick it on a surface. They are ideal for phone case bling decorations. Sometimes, it’s called the Non-hotfix rhinestones.
(2) Hotfix Rhinestones
Hotfix Rhinestones are also a type of flat back rhinestone, but with a glue on the back and adhere to cloth when heat is applied. The back of a hotfix rhinestone usually comes in dark grey. With a special hotfix rhinestones applicator, they can be sticked securely on cloth. Iron can also be used to press the rhinestones onto the cloth, that’s why some people also call these as Iron-On rhinestones.