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These are Hotfix Rhinestones (Iron On / Heat Press), comes in 1440 pieces per package. Except for size ss20, it is available in 720 pieces per package.


Qrhinestones Hot Fix Rhinestones are in great quality with 12-facet cut and made with high quality glass (crystal).  

These Hotfix Rhinestones carry a hotfix glued back that work with Hotfix applicators / Hotfix wands, or with iron on transfer paper. 

The glue on its back are strong and adheres well when correctly pressed by heat.


1) High Quality Crystal-made Hotfix Rhinestones 
2) Materials: Glass/ Artificial Crystal (not acrylic) 
3) Backing: Hotfix Glued Back 
4) Size: please select from drop down menu 

5) Color: Blue Zircon

Size Chart:

ss10 (2.70-2.90mm)
ss16 (3.80-4.00mm) [Recommended Size] 
ss20 (4.60-4.80mm)

ss30 (6.32-6.50mm)

Hotfix Rhinestones - Blue Zircon

Color Category: Turquoise


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